Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sleek LE Bohemian Palette

There's a web urban legend that, it only takes 5 clicks from any topic on Wikipedia, to find a way to a mention about Hitler. I reckon, in Beauty Blogosphere, the same could probably apply to this Sleek LE Palette. It's everywhere, having just been released a few days ago.

I actually almost didn't bother posting pics of the one I picked up on Saturday morning, as you could easily find plenty reviews and pics elsewhere, but then I thought, imagine everyone thought like that, there would be no reviews! Deep...

A lot of people have mentioned that the LE packaging is pretty cool, which it is with the black swirls on the cardboard (which I so prefer to the nasty plastic the palettes usually come in). I kinda wish it was still black though, as I don't really like to see my shadow dust everywhere! Overall, still very nicely presented and for £5, the value for money is ridiculous.

I'm really pleased to see so many matte colours/shades - sometimes we want simple, non-metallic eyes!! Not quite sure I understand the whole bohemian theme, but I do love the shades; in particular the burnt orange, 2nd top left and the 2 greens.

So, the good news is that this palette is mine! Hurrah! The BETTER news, is I have a 2nd one, in my kit ready to be given away... Keep your eyes peeled over the next week for details of how you can win this LE Palette and some other lovely goodies!!

A xx

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