Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nude Nails

Right, as I self-confessed Rouge Noir addict, it's difficult for me to say this, but...

"My name's Amanda and I love Nudes"

There. I did it. It's off my chest and I feel like I can stop pretending. For me, it all started with the hype of Chanel Particuliere, then I came across Inattendu and now it seems I can't stop.

I picked up a bottle of H&M's 'Latte 2 Go' last week, for £2.99, thinking hmmmm this is exactly the same as Inattendu. Wrong! Who knew so many shades of nude could exist? So, here's a breakdown...

Chanel Particuliere: A grey, mushroomy 'greige' shade, that's quite cool toned without looking blue.

Chanel Inattendu: A pink, peachy nude that's very warm. Is light and kind of makes me think of ballerinas. (I don't know why!)

H&M Latte 2 Go: The greyishness of Particuliere, but in the light girlie warmth of Inattendu. Is the exact colour of Christian Louboutin patent nude pumps.

So, whilst my Rouge Noir, Diabolic and Blue Satin is relegated to the bottom of the nail polish drawer, I will be donning these 3 for the spring and likely well into the summer.


  1. I feel like nudey-pastels are all I want to wear. It's weird. Everything else suddenly seems naff. I still haven't got Particuliere. I thought the universe would've sent me one by now, but alas it looks like I'm going to have to buy one! I NEED IT! Hope I can find a bottle somewhere...

  2. I know what you mean, everything seems so garish in comparison!! Let me know if you're struggling to get a bottle - the Chanel counter up here is always well stocked and I don't mind picking you up a bottle x