Saturday, 27 November 2010

Clinique '3 Things' App

I got an email yesterday from Clinique, bringing my attention to their new iPhone app. I'm not a big app fan and didn't really pay any attention, until I saw Lipglossiping's post on it this morning and thought it looked quite fun.

It's called '3 Things to do before you're 30' . I turn 29 in a few weeks, so this app might give me a good place to make my last year as a 20's something a winner! Once downloaded, you give it a shake and it gives you 3 random suggestions of things you could do that day. Here are mine!

Invent My Own Cocktail
Done. Tonight I am having a 'Hot Baileys'. It will be Hot Choc & Baileys. Ahh simplicity...

Buy Something for Someone Else
Done; did some xmas shopping this morning

Go Swimming, Indoors or Outdoors...
Not A Chance.

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