Thursday, 4 November 2010

Poodle or Babe?

So, after 100 years (feels like it!) of having the most boring hair known to woman, I've decided to take the radical step of having a .... PERM!

My hair is naturally the blondest of the blonde, is baby soft, long and poker straight. It doesn't kink, it doesn't frizz, it doesn't curl - it doesn't do anything! I'm not after full on curls, I really just want a bit of volume and texture, with some loose soft curling action at the ends. Strand test is 12.30 tomorrow at Toni & Guy - so will I end up looking like this?

or this??


  1. I certainly hope the latter for you.
    Your hair is so beautiful and I hope you manage to get a good wave in it.

  2. I hope the second one lol, the first one looks so 80's!


  3. Yeah, the second look and you'll be so glamorous!

    I've been thinking of having a perm too recently and I have naturally wavy/curly hair!

    I actually want a curl closer to Carey's look up there... lol! Only because my curls drop the day after they're washed and its really annoying.

  4. i can't wait to see what it turns out like! Unfortunately only Carrie Bradshaw can rock an 80's perm lol

  5. Can't wait to read/see how it turns out - I have the same sort of fine, poker straight hair& have considered a perm in the past. So if it works out I could be tempted to try it too!

  6. I really cant wait to see how this turns out! I have been thinking of getting one when my hair gets a good bit longer! I hope you get what you want!! xxx

  7. lol, ladies the strand test went well so, am booked in on Monday at 11.30. Will get plenty pics! xx

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