Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Garden Girl Palette

In Aberdeen, it's rained so hard there is a river running through my street, the wind nearly blew an old lady away in the car park and it's about -3c outside. Inside my house, however, there is a ray of warm sunshine because look what arrived* this morning from Coco Beau...

Inspired by the colours of a spring garden, the palette is made up of 16 eyeshadows; some metallic, some shimmery, some matte, some reflective, some satin (I could go on...). There are 4 blushes; 2 of them are mineral blushes with a lovely subtle shimmer and the other 2 are matte mineral blushes. The palette is finished off with 2 'Micro Bubble' lipstick pans.

I've had a wee play with it already, but it's so pretty I didn't want to start messing everything up! The shadows are mega soft, but not dusty (Sleek - take note!) and blended brilliantly on the back of my hand, so I have high hopes for when I get to take this baby out for a full spin!

These are just a few of my initial favourites in the palette...

So, if you are now thinking hmmmm that's not bad, 16 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks and 4 blushes. I could get me some of that action, then you'd be right! The palette is exclusively sold at Coco Beau for £67.50 (just over £3 per pan!) but as a Beauty Blogging Blonde reader, you can take advantage of a 15% discount - you just need to enter the code BBB15 at the checkout.

And the best news? The code is valid until New Year, so if you think the man in your life could do with a nudge in the right direction when looking for your perfect Xmas gift, just send him a link to this post!

I will be filming with this palette very soon, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel and subscribe to receive notifications of new videos!

*Received for review. See disclaimer for full details


  1. Lust lust lust. Looking forward to the video!

    I think this might be worth some of my student loan pennies in the New Year- I don't own many bright eyeshadows, and no one can argue with £3 a pan!

  2. This looks amazing! Its such a great variety of colors!! Cant wait to hear more thoughts on it!! xoxo! Sara