Friday, 5 November 2010

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma


When Lisa and I were in Glasgow a few weeks ago, we spotted the new Filthy Gorgeous boutique counter in Debenhams selling OCC Lip Tars.

Lisa, having heard me rave about my Lip Tars, skipped over to make a couple of purchases. Here's her thoughts on one shade in particular!

Photo from OCC Website

OCC Lipgloss in Grandma

Now I realise this may be a little controversial, due to the many, many fans of this product, but the bottom line is I just don’t like it.

When, on a recent shopping trip, I came upon a counter selling OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) I became excited beyond comprehension. Like so many of you I’d read/watched countless product reviews, all extolling the virtues of the OCC lip tars, and was literally overjoyed (and that’s no exaggeration!) to be able to have a play around with the colours for myself. But, disaster!......POP! (that was my bubble bursting). The love affair I’d been expecting was not to be. So what’s my problem?

Well, for one thing they’re drying. Really drying, and there’s no way I could wear one without some kind of emollient underneath. But what about the fabulous pigmentation? Well, good point! The colours are amazing, vivid, dense and GORGEOUS, but on the lips, look flat, chalky and one-dimensional. I bit like you have applied eye shadow pigment to your lips. Oh, and did I mention the taste? A bit weird and mentholated. *sigh*

I have tried to make it work by mixing with some of my glosses, which does make it more wearable, but I’m afraid the love’s just not there. Sorry hardcore fans....maybe it’s just me. Let me know what YOU think.

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  1. I have not tried at all, but my concern is that they seem to be so pigmented - thanks for the honest review. Jan x