Monday, 8 November 2010

nothing much...

I've been looking for some art work for our spare rooms for a few months now and really getting stuck for ideas, but during a trip to Ikea yesterday, we stumbled across these 2 massive canvas prints...

Having recently been in NY, we were both delighted to have some huge scenes of places we'd actually been and could recognise!

This one has gone into my studio

This might give you an idea of the size! They are huge - 2m x 1.5m


  1. I love these huge works - saves on having to decide what to do with a bare wall! My son is on the photography bit of his foundation course and I am urging him to take some photos that I can get blow up - beats the portraits he was doing for A-level, he is a bit too figurative for my liking - I looked very much my age! Thanks for this. Jan x

  2. These huge works are indeed mind boggling...the subject that is and how they were constructed. For the size of the painting, indeed it livens up the entire wall. Absolutely sweet!

  3. I love stretched canvas! I have a few that are not quite as big as this but they are paintings done by family members. A friend of mine has giant stretched canvas pictures of her babies that she took herself ang hung in the girls room. I am holding out on any huge canvas's until I take a picture myself!