Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bronze/Gold Indian Inspired Eyes

I had the absolute pleasure of doing the hair & makeup for a bride having her indian/scottish wedding reception last night, following their traditional indian ceremonies in India a couple of weeks ago. I then had the pleasure of actually attending the wedding!

After spending a day surrounded by amazing jewellery, Saaris, food and beautiful women, I was completely inspired to do an 'indian inspired' look for my own makeup.

Not wanting it to look like I was trying to rock a culture that clearly wasn't mine, I just used a few touches; warm colours on the eye, dark brows and a nude lip. The sparkling effect from MAC Antique Gold reflects let me capture that deep golden look around my eye, without it being too over the top.

Click here to see the video on YouTube.


  1. This looks gorgeous, the eyeshadow is such a lovely colour xx

  2. Stunning, you're gorgeous and so's your makeup.

  3. WOW! Stunning! I love the Indian vibe without it being a dramatic Arabic makeup! Will definitely try it.

  4. You look beautiful I love this look on you x

  5. Love this look - and your hair looks fab! What did you do to get it like that?x