Friday, 18 February 2011

Sleek Primer Palette

Ok. We all know that Sleek are a Budget Babe's Benefit. Their products are fun, quirky, excellent quality (for the most part), have an incredible variety of highly pigmented colours and are an fantastic High Street pitstop for those with darker skintones.

Even knowing this hadn't prepared me for quite how much this unassuming little 'primer palette' was going to impress me. I picked it up in Superdrug for £6.99 on Wednesday after seeing 2 or 3 tweets about it. I was absolutely blown away by how pigmented the paints were - I used the blue all over the lid as a base for the Rihanna video and the pay-off was intense!

These swatches below are done on the back of my hand, underneath a daylight bulb. Each swatch is just one swipe of the colour with my finger tip. Incredible. Check out that black!

Unfortunately, I can't put any names to the colours as the card that came inside was clearly printed out of order. It was the same on the other 2 I bought a day later...


I have been inundated with questions over the last couple of days about it's quality, staying power etc. So here we go...

Do the colours crease?
I found the colour settled into my socket line, but it was the tiniest thinest line. And even though a little amount settled, it didn't drag the colour from other areas. It didn't go patchy, slip or smudge under my eye.

Could/Should I use a primer underneath?
if you have very oily lids, you may want to use a little primer to stop this slipping, but if you have slightly oily or normal/dry lids, then you'll be fine. All products, whether cream, paint or powder will eventually crease & settle at some point. No product is bullet-proof.

Do the colours stain?
I was really worried I would have to go into work the day after filming the Rihanna vid with turquoise lids, but it didn't stain at all.

Can the colours be blended or do they set?
I found they took a good 5 minutes to 'dry', so plenty time for blending, if you wanted to wear them alone. The fact they stay wet for a good few minutes means you have plenty time to get your shadow over the top too.

Is it Limited Edition?
I don't think so! On the Sleek website, it introduces the palette as the latest addition to the family, so I am assuming it's a permanent product. If you are interested though, you will probably still need to buy quite quickly before it sells out.

Is it value for money?

You can buy yours here or alternatively, you can win one if you skip on over to my YouTube channel & subscribe! once I hit 2000 subs, I will be picking a winner at random.

A x


  1. Aw no... I don't think my purse can handle another superdrug trip during my lunch! The last one ended in a few accessories products... For the blog of course! Lol.

    The pallet looks pretty intense! The blue, bright pink and the brown look especially pigmented. I'm sure this will come in very useful...yes, that justifies it! Lol

  2. great review! seems like a steal :)

  3. some of those swatches look gorgeous. may have to take a trip to superdrug today

  4. Great review! I think a trip to Superdrug is in order! x

  5. Thank you for a nice review, it just made me order one for myself. :) If it's OK I might link to this review when I blog about it later on? :)

  6. Its a shame my local superdrug doesnt stock these.... but do they do sets with slightly less intense colours.... day to day wear perchance?

    Check me out?

  7. Me want!
    izzy x

  8. I've actually been looking for a primer and these look really good! I'm so bummed they don't have Superdrug here :( any other primer suggestions for moi?

    Great post and GREAT BLOG btw! :)

  9. This is the link to the palette and sleek do ship internationally!

  10. Fabulous post! I live in Ireland and it's not available here so I tried to pick it up in Glasgow this weekend - and it was sold out! Think I'll have to order from the website.

  11. I bought this today! Love it already, I can't wait to get home, take my makeup off and try some looks with this palette. I have seen quite a few bad reviews on this, I think people expected it to be something it's not nor ever tried to be if you know what I mean??!

    I'm going to try wearing some on their own, I love a smidgen of creasing! Call me strange or whatever but I think it adds a bit of imperfect-prefect edge to a look and is just cool. :)

    Love your blog too xx