Saturday, 19 February 2011

Japonesque Palette

I'm a huge fan of de-potting and decanting products into compacts and palettes. It makes my life much easier when travelling with my kit and is just generally a much more organised and convenient way of storing products.

I had been lusting after this Japonesque palette for months & months and finally picked it up from Guru Makeup Emporium at the IMATS in January. So far, I've de-potted most of my MAC lippies. I still have cream colour bases & other non-MAC lipsticks to go. It's a fairly messy & laborious process and requires a good few hours of time, which is why I'm only half way through!

I don't do this for my own lipsticks - I'm too much of a packaging lover to do that, especially with lipsticks from Estee Lauder or YSL! I'd never do that to them!


  1. Want to get one of those Japonesque palettes for myself too! Especially after Lisa Eldridge's video

  2. ooh i have one of those and i love it havnt really had the time to sort through all my lippys and fill it up yet

  3. oooh i want one. So much better for travelling.Is there any way of labeling them though so you know which colour is which?

  4. Hi Nicolette, yes after I took these pics, I bought a black sharpie and just wrote on the plastic divider x