Sunday, 27 February 2011

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2011

Last night I attended the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2011. Before you ask, no I didn't meet Wills & Kate, although I did wear Royal Blue just in case...

The fashion show is hosted each year in conjunction with Trekstock, to raise money for charities such as Cancer Research UK, through one-off collaborations in music, fashion & trekking! The annual event attracts fashion-lovers from across the UK and show cases creations from some of the biggest fashion houses. This year there was Amanda Wakeley & Nicole Fahri, with previous years showcasing Vivienne Westwood & Prada.

Here are few snaps from the evening (or you can hop on over to YT to see some footage)


  1. Oooo looks like fun! You look gorgeous, i'm jealous of your long hair :)

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