Friday, 28 January 2011

Beauty Blogging Blonde is off to the Big Smoke

London Baby!

Hope to see a lot of you at IMATS on Saturday & Sunday. I will be at stand 609, so come & say hi!!

My flight is in a few hours, but I haven't packed yet. I hate packing; it makes me feel anxious - especially because you can never finish it until you've had a shower, brushed your teeth etc on the day you're leaving. So whilst I'm procrastinating, have a giggle at this...

See you in London!! xx


  1. Have a great time - love the cartoon, made me laugh after the normal frustrations of a typical Friday morning. Jan x

  2. hey! Love the cartoon :) It's by the icelandic writer/comedian/comic-maker Hugleikur Dagson. He is fab :) you can see some more of his work at (although - fair warning - some of his jokes are very, very dark and not for the faint hearted). I love your blog and youtube channel. Love from Iceland :)