Saturday, 8 January 2011

Nude Nails!

I think I must be ill or something because last night I looked at my gorgeous dark purple manicure and just shuddered - I wanted something light, natural and fresh. It was like, at that moment, I was just so over all the christmassy, wintery dark cold colours.

I ripped the gel overlays off (I didn't even soak them!), gave them a bit of a buff and headed upstairs to my stash to look for Chanel Particuliere nail polish, but I couldn't find it. So, I plumped for Chanel Inattendu instead.

But after painting 3 nails, my fingers looked grey & horrid - the Inattendu is such a warm peach that it really brings out the blue in hands. I guess it's a summer colour! So, I took that colour off, renounced the designer polishes and settled on a bottle of £2.99 polish from H&M. This is 'Latte To Go' and was the perfect nude grey that I was looking for.

Sorry for the crap pics, but I was taking them on my iPhone. And yes, that is a Maoam sweetie you can see..

I'm really pleased with my mannequin hands! Was just the effect I was after.

What about you? Are you over glitter & dark shades? Ready for spring??


  1. SO ready for spring! I even tried abandoning my coat yesterday. Big mistake!

  2. I love my nude nails too, i never tried this Chanel one, but i really want it now.