Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lee Stafford Hot Shots 4 Blondes

As someone always on the look-out for products that will give me that icy blonde tone to my hair, rather than the Bart Simpson yellow tinge, I chucked these in my basket and skipped off home for a bath.

I already use a purple shampoo from Lush, which is divine and smells of parma violets, so was dubious about what else these little bottles could do for me.

First of all, I thought I'd been duped when there was only 3 bottles! I somehow got it in my head that as it had the number 4 on the outside, there would be 4 inside. Was mildly irritating.

I have extremely long hair and I expected there to be just enough product to cover, but actually, I could probably get 2 washes out of each bottle, so easing my disappointment at only getting 3 bottles!

Did it work? Hmmm, yes I suppose - it wasn't the magical transformation I was hoping for, but I guess it did lift the brassiness a bit. I think it's probably down to the fact that I already use a brass-removing shampoo. Perhaps if have blonde hair and you use something like Herbal Essences etc, this might have more of a dramatic effect. I paid something like £6 and glad I didn't pay more. I will still use the remaining 2 bottles though as it smelled real good!

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