Sunday, 16 January 2011

FACE Atelier at IMATS (Video)

If you're a regular reader (or viewer!) you'll know how much I love FACE Atelier's products & how delighted I am that both the fact that they will be at IMATS this month & that I'm working with them!

This video takes you through some of the core products of the brand, including the 'heart & soul' - the Ultra Foundation.
You can check out FACE Atelier at Coco Beau or at the FACE Atelier website. There, you can read more about Debbie Bondar, the woman behind the brand, browse the rest of their products (take notes & stock up at IMATS!) and pick up professional 'trade secrets'.

A brand that not only cares about making humans feel good, they look after the bunnies too...

FACE atelier is against animal testing. Period.

FACE atelier has received official approval of its animal testing policies from PETA and is listed on its Caring Consumer website. In adherence to PETA principles, FACE atelier products have not been tested on animals. We do not buy ingredients from vendors who test on animals, nor do our vendors buy from manufacturers who test on animals.

But with or without PETA, we wouldn't test on animals. At FACE atelier, we want to sleep at night.

Zero Minus
Zero Plus
Ultra Sheer
If you have any questions, you can tweet FACE Atelier @faceateliercosm or drop me a line. Feel free to drop by the counter at IMATS, say Hi and we'll soon have you matched up with the perfect foundation!

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  1. Just ordered some samples of the Ultra Foundation after seeing it in your videos - it looks amazing. Wish I could come to IMATS and get matched up but never mind!