Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Power Brows

Whenever I have an important day at work, for some reason I always end up with 'power brows'. They aren't as bad as these, but something about needing to feel in control, makes me default to strong, dark brows. Maybe I think it makes me look more serious?

I didn't have time to get any snaps of today's makeup, but maybe I'll recreate it in a vid. I like that when my brows are strong, the rest of my makeup stays light. And my eyes always look bluer, although I don't know why!

Not sure what the point of this post is. Just putting it out there!

What's your thoughts on strong brows?


  1. strong brows make me feel more powerful if you know what i mean ...i mean business if i am wearing my power brows lolx

  2. You say they're not as bad as those, do you mean that you don't think those ones are good? I really like them, I always wear my brows very thick, can't stand over plucked ones!

  3. Hi Andrea, I've been waiting all weekend to come home & comment on your questions as I couldn't comment on my iphone!

    I didn't mean 'bad' as in mine aren't as horrible as these, I was meaning more like - mine aren't as strong. I guess bad wasn't the right word, as i think the brows in all these pics look great!

  4. I have quite 'bushy' brows, strong you may call it, but I don't like them at all!

  5. A couple of years ago I was totally scared of strong brows but once I learned how to fill mine in, this grew on me and now I like to play with my brows. Just like you, when I need a power boost for a professional occasion, I'll make them a bit stronger.