Friday, 21 January 2011

On my radar: Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard is not a brand that has ever really pinged on my radar; I think this is because I've always thought it was more of a boutique-y brand only available in London and when I've passed it's shop in Covent Garden, I've always been dashing elsewhere. But when I read this post by MizzWorthy about a NY hand cream, I was surprised I could buy the brand in Boots!

Putting my Boots irritation aside for one moment, I did take a look on my lunch break the other day and picked up some Lavender Water and some Power Berry Facial Wash. I think they were about £10 each.

Having had some kind of bug hanging around for a couple of months now (which, by the way I wish would simply piss off!), my skin is all over the place. Dry, spotty, oily - everything all in one go. So I'm trying to simplify and strip back my skin care to give my skin a break and just treat it gently.

I've used both of these a few times now and my skin seems to have welcomed them nicely, certainly no breakouts or reactions, which at the moment, is the best I can hope for! The lavender water smells divine and I find it just really soothing. The facial wash amazingly destroyed my waterproof mascara, but was completely kind to my skin.

Definitely products I'm going to keep my eye on in case I need to re-purchase!


  1. I have never seen this brand in my huge (London) Boots- I wouldn't know where to look?

    Anyway, I like the packaging, it looks so expensive, which is always a plus!

  2. I found it next to the Bliss, Burts Bees etc x

  3. I've never seen this brand before either? I think I'm gonna google it :) Sounds interesting!

    -Sriya x