Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Be Kind to Your Hair

*just a quickie!*
I have very fine, straight hair. A blessing I hear you cry! A blessing it might be, but when mine started falling out recently due to an on-going health issue, I immediately went into crisis mode! I don't have much hair to begin with, so the thought of losing any of the precious strands set the fear of god into me. Also, Mac was getting sick of hoovering up at the back of me.
Physically, there's nothing that will stop it until I start to get better, so I figured I'd just treat the remaining hair lovingly. Don't get me wrong; I'm not bald (yet!) but I guessed a little TLC wouldn't go amiss.
I've started using a Kent bristle brush - this little brush is so lovely to use and I thought £7.95 was a small price to pay. The bristles give your head a good scratch but are so kind to your hair - I've noticed a lot less shedding since switching from a large plastic paddle brush. I've also had a lot of comments about how shiny my hair is when I've used it. Bonus! I've also started using Scunci hair 'bobbles' - they don't have metal fastenings and instead use some kind of sillicone to grip your hair. I guess you don't need to balding to improve your hair care items, which is why I've posted this!
If anyone is interested in finding out more about either Kent or Scunci, click on the links below. They are fabulous and seem to be helping.

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