Saturday, 6 February 2010

Easy Eye Tips

**Please take extreme care when using any tools or make-up near or on your eyes. I can't take responsibility for any injuries you may cause to yourself; I am just advising and answering questions on how I achieve this particular effect.**

For the self-confessed beauty junkies amongst us, you may ignore this post if you wish. However, I often get asked how I get my eyes dark, when it's apparent that I haven't lined my eyes. Also, it amazes me how many people have never curled their eyelashes. You might find this useful if you are not confident in applying eyeliner on your lid, or if you find that when you do apply eyeliner, it looks like there is a gap between the liner and your eyelashes. So below are a few pics that might help you re-create a very simple, classically pretty eye.

Curling your lashes.
I don't think there's any need to invest in super expensive eyelash curlers. Infact, the MUA I have booked for my wedding, uses the back of a teaspoon to curl client's lashes! I use gold plated Shu Uemura curlers that were £28 a couple of years ago. I love them, but a £5 pair from Boots can work just as well. If you are a total curling virgin and can get to a SU counter, they will show you how to use them properly.

The 2 pics below show my lashes before (1) and after (2) curling. Now tell me you can't see a difference?

Eyeliner and Mascara.
The rest of the effect can be achieved using any black kohl liner and mascara. The softer the kohl, the better.

Now, as a contact lense wearer, I am very used to touching my eyes, lifting my eyelid etc. You might find the technique commonly known as tightlining a tad uncomfortable if you are not great with things being near your eyes, but just take your time and keep looking down, minimising the chance of blinking. The 1st pic below looks terribly painful, but it's just the angle I needed to show you what I was doing.

First of all, I look right down. Secondly, I use my middle finger to gently pull my eyebrow up the way, gently lifting my eyelid off the eye very slightly. I keep looking down and very carefully use the kohl pencil to fill in along the underside of my lash line. I go right into the inner corner; you may not feel entirely comfortable, so just go in as far as you are comfortable with.

This should be the result!

Lastly, I add a quick slick of kohl liner to the lower inner lash line and a coat of black mascara. Et Voila!


  1. Thanks! I wasn't too sure how it would be received but glad you enjoyed it! xx

  2. I line the inner rim of my eye when I'm wearing my glasses, but I've never tried this when wearing my contacts as I've always thought they'd get smeared in eyeliner and I wouldn't be able to see out of them! Do you ever have any problems with that or has it never affected your lenses?

  3. Hi Miss Kris, sorry for the delay in publishing your comment.

    I tend to just hold my eyelid off my eye for a second to give the eyeliner a chance to set before I drop it back onto my eye. If I do blob onto my lens, which has happened, then I take a dry finger and press it right onto the blob, which usually takes it right off. Don't try and smudge it off - press down and lift your finger straight back up.