Saturday, 13 February 2010

Beaute Weightless Lip Creme

I have been after Beaute for months and recently came across a website called (click here) that supplies the UK with this fab brand. May I say of Coco Beau - the little extra detail in the packaging was FAB!! This was £22 and the P&P was about £3.

I didn't have the balls to go for one of the brighter colours initially and I wish I'd gotten Girlina and Masochist but I plumped for 'Trace' and will be going back for the other 2, although it'll need to be after payday and I can't tell Neil ;)

For the sceptics amongst you, thinking this is just a gloss, it's not. This is like whipped cream, in a tube in beautiful colours - living up to the name of 'weightless'. It really doesn't have that lipstick feel on the lips and the texture is like satin.
I'm not going to say anymore, other than I think this little tube has more than lived up to the hype and has been well worth the wait!

Please excuse the weird pic of my lips - I got carried away cropping...


  1. OMG just had a look at the website, i would need a mortgage to buy something =0/

    looks fab tho! xxx

  2. lol, yeah pricey but really think these are worth it. None of your £22 goes on gimmicks, it's all in the quality xx