Thursday, 25 February 2010

Beaute 'Fever' Liqui-Gel Stain

First of all, apologies for the horrendous pics today. I took them last night and unfortunately it was pitch dark by the time I got round to doing it, so stuck with the awful orangey lamp.

Anyway! My growing love for Beaute continues to bloom with my 3rd purchase from Coco Beau. This is one of the Liqui-Gel Stains in 'Fever'. It appears a little on the purple side on the official pic above, but it is blood-red in real life.

It is of a thicker consistency than other stains I have tried - Benetint is very watery, but this is like the syrupy sister. It blots on without running on your lip and is easily blended with your finger, or for a more 'just got out of bed and looked fab' look, blot on and just smoosh your lips together. It dries quickly and tastes sweet, without a horrible synthetic sickly smell.

It is marketed as a Cheek and Lip stain - I have only tried it on my lips, but as a stain 'uberfan' I am taking an educated guess that it will great for the cheeks too.

The first pic is the stain alone and the second is with a slick of very sheer Chanel red lipgloss over the top. I have worn this out twice now, both times for about 5 or 6 hours and it has not rubbed, or started to disappear at all - no touching up required.

It retails at £25, so quite pricey, but if you're like me and enjoy no-fuss products, then you'll get your money's worth.