Saturday, 6 February 2010

Benefit 'Sugarbomb'

Pic from websiteAnyone who knows me, will know that I will usually defend Benefit to the death. I own several Benefit blushes; Georgia, Coralista, Dandelion amongst my favourite products. So when Sugarbomb arrived at ASOS, there were many times it was in my basket - I just never got round to actually purchasing. Thank goodness for small mercies.
Now I am sure there will be plenty people who will have bought this and love it, but I feel exceptionally let down by the lack of effort here. Being someone who is not shy about approaching the beauty counters and asking the sales assistants to leave me alone until I'm ready to ask for help, I spent about 15 mins with this, before asking the girl to try it on my cheeks.
1st issue: The colours are pants. There was an opportunity here for Benefit to really dazzle with colours we have never seen before, instead I feel duped and slightly offended that they are just recycling other blushes into a 'new product'.
2nd issue: The texture was gritty. I hated it.

3rd issue: The colours on my face did not blend well - you can see if you look closely, there's an orange line where the girl did the 3 shape across my forehead, down my cheek bone and then down my jaw. When she then applied the blush to my cheek apple, it didn't blend at all. I looked like a 3 year old had just done my blush.

Perhaps those with darker skin tones than myself might get on better with this new offering from Benefit, but as a out and out pale girl, it's not for me. I could probably have achieved the same effect with a £2.99 blush compact from NYC.
Having said all that, in the 5 years I've been using Benefit products, I think this is 1st time I've fully disliked a product. I still *heart* Benefit.


  1. I picked this up after all the raves about benefit that I have heard... Its *ok*, but I don't *love* it... I might even sell it... Maybe I need to try it for longer, but I was pretty underwhelmed with it...

  2. Yeah, I am glad I didn't buy it. If it's the first blush of theirs you've tried, I'd stick it on ebay and try one of the ones I mentioned above. They don't even compare. Very disappointed with this :(

  3. it is a bit harsh looking on you girl. i posted earlier about my fave products, not just makeup, but lots of benefit on there!

  4. oh I love this blusher, find it looks lovely on and the colours blend together really well. just thought i'd share my alternative opinion. it's my current fave!!

  5. Hi Annie, That's great that you like it! all opinions welcome! xx

  6. I have Dandelion for 2 years now and love it for this subtle rose gold shade it gives without making me too rosy )
    This month I've bought Hoola, Dallas and Coralista for my kit.