Monday, 15 February 2010

Mister Mascara False Lashes

A couple of you may remember me raving about Mister Mascara lashes on my old blog before I managed to delete the whole thing... Since then, I still get asked a lot about lashes so thought I'd repost: this time with better pics!

The link above is to the MM website, but I've never purchased from there, so don't know what it's like in terms of delivery etc. I tend to get mine from Boots so I can collect my advantage card points, where they are £9.50 for 2 pairs (incl glue + mini tweezers). Generally, you'll get a more natural pair and a fuller pair in the kit. The set below is from the 'Spiky' range and the ones pictured are the more natural ones.

If you have real problems applying lashes try watching some tutorials on Youtube and practice, practice practice! No-one is an expert at applying lashes first time and you will get there!

(I'm very ashamed of my chipped nails above but it was a stressful day at work!)

To give you an idea of how some simple lashes can transform your eyes, I've pictured each stage of my eye as I apply.

1st - no make-up.

A little cream shadow and lash line lined with Bobbi Brown gel liner along the top and underneath as shown in my previous post of Easy Eye Tips.

These are with lashes applied and a tiny slick of mascara to blend my lashes and the falsies together

I absolutely adore Mister Mascara lashes - I haven't tried a set that I haven't liked. The stems are always very flexible and I really like the glue, which dries almost clear. I probably wouldn't wear these without some eyeliner, but then I probably wouldn't wear any lashes without liner! I usually get at least 4 or 5 wears out of 1 pair, so for £9.50 you get about 10 wears if you treat them properly. I have tried other lashes such as Ardell, Girl's Aloud and Revlon lashes, but for me, these are a winner! If you give them a go, let me know what you think - just as always, be careful with your eyes and pointing sharp tweezers near them!


  1. great pics, ive got a party sat night might get a pair =D x

  2. they look great! what a difference they make !