Wednesday, 17 February 2010

In reply to 'Anonymous Blogger'

Probably most of my usual readers wont be interested in this, but if you've been following the raging debate at MAF then here is my response to Anonymous Blogger who wrote that they were offended by my comments.

The short story is that I never intended to offend anyone and my comments perhaps betray me in the way I worded what I said. I certainly wasn't trying to insinuate that 'core' or popular bloggers are unwelcoming to newbies.

The fact that I said 'I wondered if I'd get lynched' and not 'I'm expecting to get lynched' suggests that I am perhaps slightly ignorant to how contradictory comments might be received not that I have made an assumption that blogger + lots of followers = bitches. Anyhoo, my response to the comments on MAF is below - it is still currently waiting moderation on the forum.

"I have been following the rest of this debate with interest since my initial comments, but hadn’t felt the need to comment any further until I read ‘anonymous blogger’s’ comments that she had taken offense to what I said.

My comment wasn’t intended to insinuate that I thought there was a ‘clique’ or an ‘inner circle’ or that I didn’t want to be rejected by the ‘cool’ bloggers for having my own opinion. Initially, yes I did consider not leaving the comment because I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s blog comments by potentially starting a debate about the product in question. I certainly wasn’t suggesting that the ‘main’ bloggers who are referred to throughout this debate would ‘reject’ me or not let me play with them. As someone who is new to blogging, I am still learning the etiquette and doubted myself as to whether it’s ok to disagree like that on someone else’s comments thread or if I should have written my own review on my own blog. That’s what I meant by being ‘lynched’ i.e was my contradictory opinion left in the appropriate place. Of course I wondered if I would be taken to task about what I said, but I think the fact that A) I posted the comments in the first place and B) that I did so under my real identity proves that I was less concerned with what other bloggers would think about me and more concerned with offering an alternative point of view. Something I would have expected would be welcomed?

I have, however been slightly offended, and am now feeling exceptionally defensive to read that it is assumed that I am scared to disagree with the popular bloggers because I am desperate to get into the ‘inner circle’. First of all, until this article, I hadn’t even considered there was an inner circle! Secondly, considering my physical location (i.e the north of scotland), it is unlikely I am ever going to meet these bloggers, and really join the ‘inner circle’ that is referred to. Sure, I follow many on Twitter and some even follow me back, but I thought that was because we had a shared and common interest, not because it’s intended that I be inducted into some kind of beauty blogging coven.

Of course I wouldn’t want to offend anybody on a personal level, but since we are all grown women, I would have expected that the bloggers who I may have a different opinion from would ‘respect’ me for offering to share that opinion? Not expect me, ‘as a newbie’ to be ashamed or scared that my opinion will rock the boat?

Once again, let me reiterate that my comment about being ‘lynched’ wasn’t intended to convey that I thought other bloggers are so precious about their own opinions, or that I felt they would be unwelcoming but that I was doubting my own position in terms of how best to convey my thoughts.

So anonymous blogger, I respect you for at least acknowledging that you felt uneasy about revealing your identity and I hope my post goes someway to explain my position on the whole ‘clique’ situation we appear to be faced with"


  1. Where is all this going on because I'm a member on MAF and haven't seen anything?

  2. Hi Jen,

    Here's the link


  3. Hey, good on you! I opened your link on this article because I appreciate your honesty!

  4. Hello! I'll admit to being slightly surprised about the possibility of bloggers being cliquey - the thought hadn't even occurred to me - but the main thing I wanted to say is that in my opinion, if you have a different opinion, sharing it is a good thing - so long as you share it in a way that's non-offensive, and in the spirit of voicing all the varying opinions that are out there.

    For me, blogging is about reading many different perspectives, and everyone's perspective is valid, so long as they don't put it across in a way that's derisive about other people's perspectives.. everyone is entitled to their own point of view :)

  5. Hi Gemma, thanks for your comments. You make perfect sense! x