Monday, 8 February 2010

Chanel Inattendu Nail Polish

Last week you saw 'Particuliere' from the spring 2010 Les Impressions De Chanel collection. This week, it's 'Inattendu' the slighty fleshier nude polish from the collection.

You already know my thoughts on Chanel polishes (I think they're fab btw), but this colour is gorgeous! When I said last week that Particuliere was too coloured to be a true nude, then Inattendu is the collection's remedy. This is a real, fleshy sophisticated shade that would look fab on many skin tones. The pics make it look slightly peachier than it is, but I recommend you check it out! Please excuse my slightly raggedy fingers - they still haven't fully recovered from last week's stint as a Painter/Decorator...


  1. hey Amanda, fab blog! LOVE this polish, i always worry if nude polish shades wont look good on my fair skin but it looks gorgeous on you. I've never really looked at Chanel polishes before xx

  2. Hi, thanks very much! yes, this colour is FAB! I think it looks better on me than the Particuliere, although that is a great shade too. Def check out Chanel for polishes - the quality really is worth the price tag xxx