Monday, 15 February 2010

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow

This little baby was a birthday present from my darling lil brother (awwww I hear you coo!). It was £14 I think (he paid, I looked away...). You can peruse prices, other colours etc here

Anyway, let's forget boring things such as price and get onto the important stuff... How pretty is it?? Well! This particular colour is called RSVP and can be best described as an antiquey dusky rosey bronze colour. Gottit? Its absolutely beautiful on, changing shade in the light - looking more gold in some lights, more pink in others.
Application is fab - it's satin smooth to apply and is very easily slicked on with your finger tip. Blend quickly though as it does set into a stiffer powdery finish within moments. Presumably this is where the 'creasless' comes from - it doesn't remain as a cream on your lid, which would be great for my oily lidded friends.

(See next post for a review of the eyelashes I'm wearing - Mister Mascara lashes are one of my most favourite things!)


  1. I wear this colour everyday! Its so pretty and easy to wear =) is alot cheaper! xx

  2. It is - I've been wearing it every day since I got it, really love it! Cheers for the website link too! x

  3. I love Benefit's creasless cream eyeshadows - this shade looks great on you!