Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sleek Eye Dusts

I'm not exactly on a spending ban, but have been doing a bit of credit bashing of late, so when I spied these little pots in Superdrug (£2.99) each I figured I could get my fix without breaking the bank.

Although they are absolutely gorgeous colours (I adore the yelllow!), I'm not entirely sure when I'd wear them and fear that they are just going to end up in my 'face painting' kit rather than my make-up bag.

They are highly pigmented and the colour goes forever; you'd only need the tiniest dot to cover an entire lid. However, the packaging is infuriating and my poor bathroom will be stained in beautiful rainbow colours for a few days at least. Lipglossiping had similar issues but she created a beautiful EOTD with 'Livid Lilac' (also her pics are FAB!)
From left to right: 'So Sleek', 'Fantasy', 'JetSet', 'Sunset', 'Blue Lagoon'


  1. Thanks for the very kind shout out! Jet Set does look beautiful, but I'm not sure about the whole eyelid staining... I guess at least it means the pigment is strong! x

  2. You're welcome! Jet Set is gorgeous and so is Fantasy. I found the pigments of the 2 matte colours looked great when 'packed' on, but when I started blending, they faded a lot which was a bit disappointing - meant they were easy to blend though! x