Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Difference Between Men and Women

This conversation just ensued between Mac and myself. Background information; we have just bought a house and Mac has spent at least 83 hours so far 'researching' exactly which new TVs will go where ...

Mac: Do you think we'll ever need a Blue-Ray player? or just a DVD player?
Me: emmm, we never watch DVDs. What is a Blue-Ray?
Mac: Discs. Never mind.
Me: But you told me a couple of months ago that Blue-Ray will become obsolete soon.
Mac: Yeah, but this is for HD.
Me: So why are spending £££'s on an HD TV if HD and Blue-Ray will be obsolete.
Mac: Not HD TV, HD DVD.
Me: Stop saying letters at me. Will I be able to watch QVC?


  1. had a similar convo the other day.
    Men and shopping.
    hubs - "Look what i bought"
    me - "what is it?"
    hubs - "an external hard drive"
    me "go away".

  2. Lol! For some reason, the words 'external hard drive' always make me giggle like a school girl!